Peer Community

Study Groups, Tutor Sessions, Peer Mentoring & Peer Forums.

We highly recommend getting involved in the Peer Community, as it will benefit you and future students throughout the entire time here at Cabrillo. Getting involved in the forums will provide a direct link into your student community. You’ll be able to discuss topics of interest, organize groups of like-minded people, and do almost anything else you can think of.


We are still developing the material, websites, etc. to create an interactive experience for the Peer Community. If you would like to be involved in this process and help out please email us at For now we are currently in the midst of building peer study & tutor groups, get involved!

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Peer Study/Tutor Groups

  • Are you passionate about any specific major or field in school that you would like to help someone else learn?
  • Do you need help with any subject yourself?

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