AMP (Art + Music + Poetry)

AMP is an effort to build on the existing student artist community at Cabrillo. It will also be a great outlet for students, a way to get away from the incredible amounts of homework and relax. Have some fun and meet some great people! We plan to have AMP events monthly, including but not limited to music shows, art shows, poetry readings, and a combination of all. There seems to be a strong separation between upper and lower campus, AMP aims to bring this divide closer together. We will most likely hold most events on the upper campus, however we are currently working on the logistics behind facilities.

art1 art2 poet1


  • Are you passionate about art, music, or poetry?
    • We are going showcase student’s artwork and have live music and poetry from our students
  • If you would like to have your artwork displayed, play your music, read poetry, or volunteer to help with the event. Register by clicking here.
  • If you would like to attend the event and want to hear about it when dates & artists are officiated, please register to our contact list here.

band1  band4  music1


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