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Student Initiatives

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AMP – (art+music+poetry)

Cabrillo Forgiveness Project

How can you get involved?

Contact us, we would love to get you involved with the Club, the Honors Transfer Program, and our upcoming events. Have any cool ideas for events or student initiatives? We’d love to hear your ideas and try to incorporate them into our future events.

Click here to be included in our contact list. If you would like to get in direct contact with us, please email us at To contact our executive members individually please click here.

What is the Honors Transfer Club?

We are a club associated with the Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program, a program aimed at helping honors students transfer to universities of interest and providing a more enriching college experience. We intend to support this program by being directly involved with it, but also by helping form a dynamic student community that any student can be a part of.

The Honors Transfer Club strives to give students the opportunity to use the club as a tool for success, working together as a creative force to bring great ideas to life. We will create pathways for students to advance their education and social connectivity, as well as help build a community of support and positivity.

When and Where does the club meet?

Weekly: Fridays @ 12 p.m. in SAC EAST in club room space.


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